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My first instrumental album has been released.  It consists of 8 tracks that have been in the vault for quite a few years.  My good friend Rory Faciane on the drums, made the tracks come to life and it is a pleasure to have him aboard on this album. "Yee Haw" was the first track I recorded and "Southern Groove" was the last track recorded.  The main rhythm is an old lick I love to play on the acoustic guitar. I am very exited to share my music with you.

The Blood of VanGogh project is my most exciting project thus far. It has the energy and excitement that I get when I am playing on stage live.  We have compiled 12 tracks of some catchy grooves and full out ploughing energy for you. In collaborating with Jamie Constant, we found we had the same “head space” when writing so it was an exciting experience writing this album along with him. We can’t wait to get out and play these tracks live for you!

Here are a few songs from my latest projects:

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