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Blood Of Van Gogh

(Independent) Reviewed by : Kelley Simms Rating : 8.5



What kind of a band name is BLOOD OF VAN GOGH anyway? Upon further investigation of his family tree, Thunder Bay-born guitarist Gary Borden discovered he is the great-great nephew of impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. So, their name actually makes sense in this case. On its self-titled debut album, the band play a brand of modern rock similar to FOO FIGHTERS and GODSMACK with huge hooks and lush harmonies. Throw in ALICE IN CHAINS influences combined with a Southern twang and some AEROSMITH elements, and you have one well-rounded rock band. Borden, a Musicians Institute graduate, had stints in well-respected Canadian bands HELIX, SASS JORDAN and GOWAN (STYX). He has happily been a behind-the-scenes kind of player in the aforementioned bands but now he desires to concentrate on his own project and bring his presence to the forefront. Guest vocalist Jordan lends her sultry and raspy vocals on the groove-laced ‘Stop The Bleed.’ The twangy riffs of CD-opener ‘Hell Behind Me” combined with some huge, layered vocal harmonies and a singable chorus has a familiar modern rock sound. There’s a lot to offer on Blood of Van Gogh’s debut disc which has a broad appeal that a number of rock and metal fans should grasp a hold of.


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