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         GARY "G" BORDEN

Gary has a great sense of direction and purpose in his playing. His ability to draw on his influences for techniques is inspiring. He doesn't imitate the past masters, but uses them as building blocks. His music and playing feel good, and give whoever is in range an enticing invitation to listen.    

                                                    GUITAR magazine

In my career I have played with and watched great musicians, but every once in a while I have the luxury to play with, what I call a "Musician's Musician". These are people that are not only technically brilliant but just always seem to play whatever the song needs. Gary Borden is one of those people.

                                                                Ray Lyell

G Man.jpeg

Gary writes charts from memory, plays drums the way I love to hear them and picks a guitar as well as some of our guitar heros, but his production work is his best kept secret.

                                             Terry Brown 

                                          (RUSH,Tony Levin... )

Gary Borden is one of the most musical people I know. A natural. His ability to adapt to any genre of music is incredible. He's my favorite plug-in

                                                  Russ Mackay

                                        record producer/engineer

My personal favorite guitar player is Gary Borden. I just get a really good feeling when listening to Gary play, and the skill and precision with which he plays is simply great!!

                                                    Phil Naro​


Blood of VanGogh

Been working on new Blood of VanGogh music and video......

After the busy summer, finally have time to get back into the studio and create!

A Huge privilege Collaborating with Liberty Silver, who also is featured in the next Blood of VanGogh single "Black Moon"  

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 5.41.35 PM.PNG

Sitting in with the Mark Lalama trio and Susan Aglukark   Photos by Joel Naphin

DSC_8871 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
DSC_8821 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
DSC_8862 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
DSC_9072 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
DSC_8812 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
DSC_9146 (Copy) (Copy).jpg

Very Honoured to be a part of BANC!!

Holly Woods and Toronto 2018 summer tour
Nick Gilder and I.jpg
rob n i.jpg
with Carl.jpg
Dogz 2018.jpg

The Guess Who

Honoured to play with the one and only "The Guess Who"

Canada's Classic rock royalty, Still going strong and probably tighter than ever. Getting the Call to fill in was an absolute Honour...Garry Peterson was so kind in making me feel right at home.

It is amazing how music brings you close to others, especially the ones you perform with. I have always enjoyed sharing the stage with Derek Sharp in other projects, he is the ultimate musical director and his pipes are scary!! Leonard Shaw and I hit it off instantly. His natural sense of music and feel is absolutely unreal. Love that guy!!

Then there's this dude named Rudy Sarzo.......What?...........Yep.....Me being inspired by Randy Rhoads and all the bands Rudy played with including Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult,  Angel and the almighty DIO!!... Playing with this icon has been a dream come true. Plus to find that he is the most positive human I have met....Humbled!




Met Joan Jett while playing with The Guess Who...What an absolute class act!

After playing our set, I was able to watch Joan and her fantastic band side stage.

 Hit after Hit I was brought back to the place where you plug your guitar in and PLOW!!

Blown away how good she sang and played. She's the real deal who influenced so many including myself... Also with her on keyboards and vocals was the legendary Kenny Laguna!

I feel very fortunate to have met Joan and all her crew.

Keep an eye out for the documentary called "BAD REPUTATION"


Co-wrote a shit kicker of a song with Dean Young.

He is such a great singer songwriter and most importantly, An amazing person.

Click here      to download your copy of "DIRTY"


One of my highlights was to meet Liberty Silver who is not only an extremely amazing singer, she is also a beautiful human. So honoured to have her sing with me on "black Moon" for the upcoming Blood of VanGogh II  release. We also collaborated on a song together called "Who will save the world". More music and video to come with Liberty.

Sneak peak at the BANC Charity show

Photos by Spindle Films...Yes that is Rudy Sarzo!!!!

Honoured to be part of the Bogner family!!

Working on 2 new Blood of VanGogh videos.

More special guests confirmed.

New Instrumental album in pre production

New Blood of VanGogh video

First single "LIES" on our second album ,Featuring Ronny Munroe.

It has been exciting creating video for this song. I feel blessed being selected by 7 Film Festivals, winning a Gold and Silver!

Please share the video!

We will be releasing the album one song at a time, I hope you enjoy!

Collaborating with Ronny Munroe...What a voice!! "Still Alive" is on iTunes

Please Click on link to download

TOUR pics:

This past summer I was lucky enough to tour with TORONTO. We instantly became family. such a fantastic band. Thanks to Barry Connors, Holly Woods, Jim Gilmore, Jeff Pearce,Peter Kadar and Kimberley Wetmore. 2017 dates coming soon!

Tangerine Music Group has released my first instrumental album called "Chasing a Dream"

Videos are coming soon!! CLICK HERE for clips.

I hope you like it!

Live Blood of VanGogh

My Blood of VanGogh debut album is now available. Click to listen and buy.

Album review from Ron Zabrocki of Guitar World magazine


First rate production, with just enough ear candy to keep things interesting but not contrived. Vocals are a standout, featuring excellent harmonies and melodies. The guitars are heavy and punchy. Tight and focused with melodic,  almost pop sensibility. Short non-wanking solos. Almost Old school rock with a modern lean.The bass sound is excellent. Most of the time the bass can be just a frequency but here it is front and center. Locking into the undeniably deep groove of the drummer!I found the songs grew on me with every listen. Bringing back a sense of another better time of music. Some of the strongest choruses I've heard in years! Blood of Van Gogh doesn't sound like they are trying to reinvent the wheel. just do it better than most.

Played an acoustic show with Sass Jordan in Ottawa, Ontario for a local charity. Met up with Randy Bachman backstage.

Finishing Guitars on Gowan's album at Blue Sound in Toronto, Ontario

Blood of VanGogh

Gowan's album coming close to mix. I'm very lucky to be a part of this album with players like Tony Levin, Todd Sucherman, Jerry Marotta, Phil Naro, Chris Sutherland​ and of course Gowan!

I met Hartley Peavey this weekend. He enlightened me on a number of things, from​ tube reaction to the raw passion he has for being the best. 

In the studio in Toronto, Ontario working on the latest Gowan album.

I feel very lucky to be a part of this amazingly written project.

Producer Russ Mackay at the helm, has kept great dynamics through the whole record. I can't wait to hear the final mixes!

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